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Environmental Sustainability

Here at Albanelli Cement Contractors we do more than place, pour and pump concrete. We also provide extraordinary concrete solutions for our clients, our team and our communities. We also take great pride in our efforts towards becoming environmentally sustainable. 


We use recycled materials such as fly ash; a waste product from coal burning power plants. As well as GBFS; a waste product from the steel manufacturing process. Both of these products are used in concrete as a substitute for cement powder.


The concrete we use also supports recycling in that it can be made using by-products from manufacturing and power plants, reducing landfill needs. Its service life is measured in decades, but when the end finally comes, concrete can be crushed and recycled as a high-quality aggregate for hundreds of applications. Concrete is also green in that it is manufactured locally, and unlike asphalt, it produces no toxic runoff.

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We also take pride in our efforts to recycle all our paper, cardboard, and plastics on a weekly basis from our office. These are all steps taken to ensure we stay environmentally friendly.


In addition to our primary concrete contracting business Albanelli Cement Contractors also owns a portfolio of solar PV and energy storage systems in California and Hawaii. These systems provide clean, renewable electricity to customers and the grid. In 2019, these solar projects offset approximately 30% of the c02 emissions from our company vehicle fleet. The emissions reduction is equivalent to 136 acres of forest growing for an entire year.